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  • Name: Safety Relay Module CSRMA (Control over scram button and safety gate switch)
  • NO.: cc001


CSRM safety relay fulfills the safety requirements of ISO13849-1Cat.4, applies to monitoring of signals of industry field with high safety requirements, including emergency stop signalm, safety gate switch signal, safety light curtain signal, safety light curtain signal with pulse output and two-hands button signal.



Relay contacts are positively guided, monitor more effectively and more safety.

CSRM has smaller external dimensions, connected with plug-in terminals for easy installation

CSRM has 3NO and 1NC control output signal with high control ability.


Characteristics-CSRMA---monitoring 2 NC switches

Monitor 2-channel NC switches, such as emergency stop buttons, safety gate switches etc.

Monitor short-circuit between the 2-channel NC switches.

The module can also monitor short-circuit and open-circuit respectively and locks out while the switches is inconformity with each other.

Auto-reset and manual-reset patterns can be provided. At the pattern of manual reset, the reset button can be tested, and signal reset is mandatory named as the next reset can be operated only after opening the reset button.

EDM function, used to monitor relay external component fault, such as contact adhesion


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