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  • Name: BLPS Laser Safety device
  • NO.: bb001


BLPS laser safety protective device are developed for personal safety with hydraulic bending machine, according with TYPE 4. The devices were certified by TUV, and obtained national invention patent with dynamic detection technology. The product is completely reached international advanced level of similar products.

BLPS laser safety protective device protect the areas near the punch of bender, providing effective security protection for arms and fingers. When punch is moving and unexpected objects block the beams, the punch must stop immediately for personal safety. This method is the most effective solution, both the personal safety and production efficiency.



1)      The circuit is designed as Type 4 standard, certified by TUV, and obtained national invention patent with dynamic detection technology

2)        Double independent OSSDs output for each beam

3)        Small divergence angle, avoid reflective interference

4)        The beam is in front and center of bending machine punch, applying for bending machine features

5)        High detection range for various bending machines, up to 20m

6)        Mounting bracket on the five degrees of freedom can be adjusted to facilitate adjustment of the beam position

7)        Providing comprehensive protection for the operator in place of close to a workpiece, allows high-speed mold.


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