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  • Name: T4 Series Security Light Curtain
  • NO.: a001


T4 Safety light curtain is the 1st Type4/Cat4 safety light curtain designed and manufactured in China that certified by TUV Germany. T4 safety light curtain has met the EN 61496-1(Type4) and EN 61496-2(Type4) requirements, the detection capability has achieved 14mm, which is one of the highest among the similar product around the world. The EMC, light interference resistance capability and environment resistance capability have also achieved the highest international standard. It fulfills the requirement of hazard area protection application.




1)         Dual independent OSSDs output.

2)         External relay contacts monitoring function (EDM).

3)         High detection capability, up to 14mm for finger protection, 22mm for hand protection and 38mm for body protection.

4)         Long protection range, Type A 3m, Type B 6m.

5)       Protective Height from 184mm to 928mm

6)         Infrared light communication and dedicated optical system.

7)         Overload protection and short-circuit protection for output.

8)         Good damping performance, suitable for high speed press with different tonnage, long service life.

9)         Strong light interference resistance and electromagnetic interference resistance.



Technical Parameters






How to order

Example 1: T4A0240P22G stands for 1 set of T4 safety light curtain with 3m detection range,240mm detection height,PNP output and detection capability of 22mm.

Example 2: T4B0480P38GE stands for 1 Emitter of T4 safety light curtain with 6m detection range, 480mm detection height, PNP output and detection capability of 38mm.



Application Example

Key words : Type4/Cat4 Safety Light Curtain

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