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Quality Certification System

  Quality is the life of enterprise. Our quality assurance system runs through the whole process of technology development, product manufacture, engineering commissioning, user training, supply of technical materials and after-sales service, and is the strong defender of “Shuangshou” brand.
  The company has always attached importance to quality by creating, maintaining and improving “Shuangshou” Brand, established a sound quality assurance system, continuously improved quality management, strengthened quality supervision, and controlled quality well.
  The company has passed through certification of ISO9001:1994 Quality Management System in 1997, and ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System in 2004. LDKS series and KS02 series photoelectric safety devices have been certified to CE in 2004. Our products have become a famous brand popular with a large number of users in the photoelectric protection industry and a mark for high-quality photoelectric protection products.
  Our Quality Assurance System covers the following aspects:
  Quality Policy and Employees’ Quality Awareness
  Complete and Standard Quality System Documents
  Effective Organization Guarantee and Stable Quality Control Team
  Strict Internal Check and Regular External Review
  Advanced Production Equipment and Excellent Technological Design
  Sophisticated Testing Equipment and Rigorous Quality Inspection Control
  Perfect Service Means and Good Service Image
  To make customer satisfied and realize continuous quality improvement are our eternal goals. The company can ensure the normal and effective performance of quality system by a series of measures like internal and external check, annual management reviews. Users’ quality requirements and quality information feedback are the basis and power to promote the improvement of quality assurance system. The company will ensure the continuous, proper and effective operation of quality assurance system by unceasing improvement in product quality and employee work quality.
  Employees’ Quality Awareness
  The essence of the operation of quality assurance system is total participation and importance in quality work, Keli’s executive level always persists in the effective operation of quality assurance system; all functional manager levels make quality objectives, make clear general and specific responsibilities for quality and control and coordination measures for connection of all quality activities, and all staff deeply understands the implications of quality policy, improve quality awareness, and carries out self-management.
  Documented Quality Assurance System
  Since the operation of quality assurance system over the years, the company has formed a complete set of quality system documents, including quality manuals, program documents, quality plans, operation instructions and quality records, etc. Quality system documents are the embodiment of quality assurance system, the regulatory basis for its operation, and by stipulating regulations on all kinds of quality activities and methods all quality activities can have rules to follow and laws to abide by.
  Effective Organization Guarantee and Stable Quality Control Team
  All allied industry companies have the uniform organizational structure, and the uniform organizational stable professional team can ensure the effective control over all processes of quality assurance system.
  Advanced Production Equipment and Excellent Technological Design
  Distinctive design concept, advanced product design, reasonable processing technics and first-rate manufacturing equipment provide an important quality assurance basis for our production.
  Modern surface mount technology and dual wave soldering equipment bring automatic electric assembly. Advanced CNC machining equipment leads machining to numerical control and elaborate processing. Surface mount technology, non-clean dual wave soldering technology, CNC cutting, punching and bending technology, automatic spraying technology and related technologies are advancing by intensive studies on manufacturing techniques. Main production equipment covers:
  Imported SMT Production Line
  Imported Wave Soldering
  Gas-phase Cleaner
  Printed Board Welding Production Line
  Antistatic Aids
  High-temperature Ageing Test Room
  Temperature and Humidity Control Experimental Box
  Vibration Table
  Shock Test Bed
  Computer Imported Marking Machine from Japan
  Computerized Automatic Wire Peeler
  Silk Screen System

SMT Site

Electromagnetic Radiation Test Field

Surge and Pulse Train Test Field

Shock Test Field

  Sophisticated Test Equipment and Rigorous Quality Inspection Control
  Climatic Environment Test Chamber (For high temperature test, low temperature test, constant damp heat test and cyclic damp heat test)
  Electric Oscillatory System (For vibration test)
  P-100 Impact Test Bed (For impact test)
  RTDS Real-time Digital System Imported from Canada (For digital simulation study, analysis and test)
  Perfect Service Means and Good Service Image
  Improve and perfect after-sales services unceasingly by modern technological means such as remote diagnosis, and meet users’ demands on production, operation and management by timely, considerate, warm and high-quality services. To meet user’s demand at the extreme is our impetus to improve quality product and service quality all the time.